Price List

(as of June 2006)

Over the past 6 years, Rowe’s Retainers has endeavoured to keeps its prices as low as possible, during that time our prices have stayed the same.

Now due to a large increase in the price of materials and treatments we have had to raise our prices just to be able to break even. We do apologise for this, but we are sure you will understand this is unavoidable.

Thanks to everyone for supporting Rowe’s Retainers over the years we hope to be around for years to come.



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We can also Ship to America and other countries

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Thanks. Rowe's Retainers



Description Includes in Kit Order Number Price per Unit (GBP) Shipping + Handling


24mm Base Unit (Black) Single Unit MRB-24 £9.90 £0.75
24mm Flat Cap (Black) Single Unit MRA-24 £4.40 £0.75
24mm Cone (Silver) Single Cone MRC-24 £13.00 £0.75

29mm Standard Retainer


Retainer + Inserts +Screws MR-29 £12.10 £1.50

38mm Standard Retainer


Retainer + Inserts +Screws MR-38 £14.30 £1.50

54mm Standard Retainer


Retainer + Inserts +Screws  MR-54 £18.70 £1.50

75mm Standard Retainer


Retainer + Inserts +Screws  MR-75 £20.90 £2.00

98mm Standard Retainer


Retainer + Inserts +Screws MR-98 £24.20 £2.00
29mm Cone Retainer Retainer + Inserts +Screws MRC-29 £25.30 £1.50
38mm Cone Retainer Retainer + Inserts +Screws MRC-38 £30.80 £1.50

54mm Cone Retainer

Retainer + Inserts +Screws  MRC-54 £38.50 £2.50
75mm Cone Retainer No Longer Made MRC-75    
98mm Cone Retainer No Longer Made MRC-98    
75mm Thrust Ring (Red) All mounting fittings TR-75 £9.90 £1.50
98mm Thrust Ring (red) All mounting fittings TR-98 £12.10 £1.50
29/40-120 Adaptor (Black) Lets you use 29/40-120 case with 29mm retainers AD-29 £3.00 £0.75
29mm Screw Cone Fits Pete's Retainer   S-MRC-29 £19.25  
38mm Screw Cone Fits MRB-38   S-MRC-38 £27.50  
54mm Screw Cone Fits MRB-54   S-MRC-54 £38.50  
38mm Screw Cap Fits MRB-38 MRA-38 £13.20  
54mm Screw Cap Fits MRB-54 MRA-54 £16.50  
38mm Screw Base Fits MRA/MRC 38 MRB-38 £11.00  
54mm Screw Base Fits MRA/MRC 54 MRB-54 £13.20  
Rowe's Rail (Basic System)     £82.50  
Rail to Rod Converter Use Rods on your Rail   £13.75  
Extra 0.5M Rail     £13.75  
Buttons for Rowe’s Rails Set of 2 + Screws   £2.00  
Standard Rail Buttons Set of 2 + Screws   £3.00